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Research 100X Faster.
Learn 100X Faster.
Create Reports 100X Faster.
Analyze Legal Documents 100X Faster.
Understand Technical Papers 100X Faster.
Ask Questions & Get Answers about any file instantly.
Humata enables users to ask questions and have Humata answer and highlight relevant sections of their pdfs

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Summarize long papers

Learn Faster. Turn complex technical papers into simply explained summaries. Discover new insights 100X faster.

Instant Q&A

Answer hard questions related to your file. Get easy-to-understand answers instantly.

Write Papers 10X Faster

Automatically create  new writing based on your file. Generate detailed insights for reports, papers, and a variety of tasks instantly.

Humata is providing real-time answers to scientific inquiries in research papers


Is Humata free to use?

Yes, you can create an account to use Humata for free. You have a 60 page limit for the free version on a range of different PDFs with maximum document size at 60 pages.

How does Humata work?

Humata creates vector embeddings for semantic search and utilizes the latest advances in AI to synthesize results based on natural language commands.

How are my documents secured?

Your documents are securely stored in encrypted cloud storage. We have stringent security protocols to provide the highest standards of safety to protect your information from any malicious intent. You own and control your data and the ability to delete any unwanted files on your dashboard.

Can I ask questions across multiple documents simultaneously?

Yes, you can ask unlimited questions across multiple documents all at the same time with ease using Humata's Pro Plan. You can save your files on Humata too. Upgrade to Pro to synthesize results based on questions applied to multiple documents simultaneously.