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Streamline case management, automate intricate medical chronology, and harness the power of advanced legal AI to deliver faster, data-driven decisions.

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Legal AI features

What opposing counsel can do in eight hours you can do in seconds

Active timelines

Create pristine timelines. Track key legal case dates with litigation timelines and ensure regulatory compliance with industry-specific milestones in healthcare, finance, and more.

Dynamic chronologies

Create detailed medical histories for personal injury cases with medical chronologies and outline criminal case events to bolster defense or prosecution strategies.

Curated lists

Compile thorough asset and liability overviews for divorce cases and assemble strategic witness lists, providing essential information for case preparation.

Compare and contrast documents

Coming soon

Conduct in-depth contract reviews to pinpoint critical differences and similarities, and analyze legal precedents to inform arguments and anticipate case outcomes.

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Extract names, accounts, and emails from various files, streamlining data analysis with high precision.

File compatability

Limit access to your files per role on your team. Set up roles with limited privileges to see or change docs.


We use enterprise-grade 256 bit SHA encryption to lock your files as soon as you add them to Humata.

Answer personalization

Keep your passwords safe in your team's identity provider. Humata SSO functionality with Okta, Google, or SAML is coming soon.


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